How To Take Our Signals And Manage Your Money

Guideline On How To Take Our Signal and Trade Setup Analysis

You only have to open 1 position for each Signal Alert and place Take Profit 3 and Stop Loss; the moment the signal move in our direction you can move the trades to Breakeven/Entry Level. 

When the trade almost hit Take Profit 1 you can close half of it and wait for it to reach Take Profit 2, then close the half of the remaining trade and then let it goes to Take Profit 3, if it hit Take Profit 3 you have to make more profits or it will just reach entry and you won’t lose anything as you have moved the Stop Loss to Entry Level. When using our signals, the most important thing is the protection of your capital!

Money management

What Percentage per Trade you should trade?

There is something called drawbacks in Forex trading. The term means the more money you lose from your trading account the more difficult it will be to recover that account.

Let’s say you trade 25 percent of your account, and you lose the trade the first, second and third time. You will be left with one attempt. And that’s how most beginners trade. The reason why this is bad is this, drawback will always happen because it is in inevitably and you have to be able to see off your drawbacks before you can be profitable.

So you have to put drawbacks into your plans and look for a way to prevent it.

As a trader, you only need to risk 2 %t of your capital. Keep to one lot size as you compound, you can change your lot size, don’t over-leverage your account

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