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6 Must-Know Rules of Money That Millionaires Follow

You have come to the right place if you want to know the rules of money that make millionaires richer day in day out.

When you apply these rules to the way you handle money, you will see your bank account increase.

Let’s begin.

Number one:

If You Can Handle It You Will Keep It

rules of money

You cannot keep more money than you can handle.

Just like the person that won a lottery and went broke almost as soon as he won the lottery.


A billionaire that lost all her money then came back to become a billionaire after a short period of time.

You must have seen someone that makes a good amount of money but still go broke or have very little at the end of the year.

It is that little money they can handle.

No matter how big that person earns, he will still have that little which he can handle at the end of the year.

Being aware of this fact is a rule on its own.

That person will continue to be in that state until he learns and applies the other rules of money.

Second rule of money:

Money Can Make You Happy

When I was a little boy…

… I hear from a lot of people many different things about money. However, there is one that I usually remember and it is; rich people are greedy.

People say rich people don’t really need that much money because money does not make someone happy.

That is true. I totally agree with that.

Grant Cardone who is a multi-millionaire said ‘money and happiness have nothing to do with each other.’

Someone can be rich and unhappy, likewise a person can be poor and happy.

But don’t forget the fact that you can be loving, friendly and doing everything that makes people to be happy and at the same time be rich.

And for your information:

Scientist have supported the fact that money can actually help you become happy.

They say, you tend to become happier after you helped another person. And one of the ways to help others is buy giving them gifts, you don’t get gifts for free.

Do you? You buy gifts then give it to people.

So money in one way or the other helps you to become happier.

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Number three:

Money Is a Result

Don’t you wonder where very rich people like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and other wealth people get their money?

You will notice that most of them did not have anything from the beginning if you read or study them from their early youth.

These millionaires know something that the you either don’t know or you are rejecting it.

Money doesn’t come out of thin air. It is the result of a certain action.

How do you make money now at this moment? No matter how little it is, can you think about how you are making it?

Is it from a job or you are a business owner?

Without the job or business, you will not be making that money. Money comes as a result of the job or business.

This is what many people call cause and effect. Money is the effect you get when you participate in the job or business.

The little secret here:

I know you want to make more money. One lesson you should learn from the law of cause and effect is that the more value you can add to your job; the more effect you will have.

Are you in a job and want increase in pay, start by increasing the value you add to the job.

Same thing goes for a business.

Lets go to my favorite rule.

Rule number four:

Money Moves

This very important:

I was terrible at saving money in few years back. What I found out is that money doesn’t want to stay in a place. Money wants to continue moving.

Just take a look at how money moves around you. You have 100 dollars in your pocket and you notice that the gas in your car is low.

You buy gas from the money, next you remember that you need to get some items from the grocery.

And it continues like that. Moving is the nature of money.

And it is this movement that gives money value because if it stays in one place it won’t have any value.

I don’t mean that you should spend your money on dumb things.


You must spend your money wisely if you even want to take a chance on getting rich.

The movement of your money shouldn’t go from you to some dumb lavish things.


Don’t leave the money in your account, it safe and dumb at the same time.

If you keep it there another person will take and do some business with your money.

This is where you need to upgrade your brain.

Learn how to invest your money, it is one of the super powers of wealthy people. They learn and never stop learning.

Some of them finish a book in one week with their busy schedules.

You don’t have to start like that but at least finish one investing book in a month. I share some amazing books here, start from there.

You make little money, you learn how to invest the money, you move it to your investment, then you attract more money.

It is as basic as that.

Number five:

Money Follows Attention

Take some time to think about the money you have in your pocket.

After that,

Think about the different hands that have touched the money. The money that the poorest man has touched, the richest man might touch it too.

The lesson here is that money moves.

There are many famous people around, pick one of them in your mind. Do you think the person is rich?

Most famous people have a lot of money.

When something is popular, it tends to make a lot of money. The most popular device usually makes the manufacturers lots of money.

Likewise, the most popular person because money follows attention.

That is why many celebrities have loads of money. The popular a celebrity gets the more he makes.

So if you want more money then you need to get more attention to what you sell.

The attention will definitely turn to money when the product is good. A good product without attention is as good as nothing.

Number six:

Money Does Not Follow Ethics

It is a common believe among parents that…

…. When their child work hard, helps people and the community that the child will get the financial reward he wants.

Being a good person or a bad person doesn’t concern money. It is always good to have good morals however, never rely on it for money.

I don’t mean to set aside good ethics; I just want you to know it is not the only thing you need to be successful financially.

Good ethics is important in a person’s life no matter how wealthy you are life will be so miserable without it.

Make sure you get financial education and implement it along with your ethics.

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